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Are Debt Collectors Harassing you?

  • Is your voice mail filled with creditor phone calls and your mailbox stuffed with collection letters?
  • Have you been threatened with Lawsuits and Judgments?
  • Do you get numerous automated calls?
  • Have you noticed incorrect information on your credit report?

You the consumer are protected under federal law from harassing debt collection dealings. Call us for free legal assistance to get rid you of these annoying practices.

Our Attorneys specialize in determining if consumer rights have been violated by a collection company. Call us today for a consult, we have helped thousands of people put an end to harassing calls, threats and misleading letters about their debts.

We understand these violations are stressful and intimidating. Even if you do owe a debt, abuse is not acceptable and is illegal as set forth by the Federal Trade Commission.

Why Choose Us?

We believe you deserve to be represented by the best and most experienced legal professionals available. We understand debt collection harassment must be stopped.

We have helped countless consumers put an end to unfair debt collection practices for ___ years and receive compensation for it. Contact us today to receive intelligent and useful legal advice.

“I felt backed into a corner. I didn’t even know I was being harassed until I confided to a friend about my stress. I was referred to ____ law firm and thankfully, the uncomfortable calls and conversations stopped. I received $1,000 as compensation for the nightmare this collection company put me through.”

Sam Faulk – NY

The Federal Trade Commission provides protection to consumers from unlawful and unfair debt collection practices as mandated
by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We know how to apply this law to your situation and stop the harassment.

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